Yes…and! A webinar about dementia, music, and improv

Graphic for webinar event "Yes..and" with photo of Karen Stobbe, dementia warrior and expert in using improv to improve the lives of people with dementia

Yes…and!” our free webinar is now available on-demand!

Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s, and you’re not sure how to talk to them? Are you afraid you’ll say the wrong thing?

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Learn how to better connect with people living with dementia in a meaningful way through the power of music and improv. (Yes, Improv!)

Karen Stobbe, from In the Moment, shared how we can use the power of music and techniques from improv to connect with people living with dementia in a way that feels good for everyone.

Everyone wants to feel valued and respected, including people with dementia. Improv can help.

About Karen Stobbe: Karen is a dementia warrior who has made it her life’s work to improve the quality of life for all dementia warriors.

As a caregiver, Karen discovered that her theater background could help create better understanding and connections.

Among her numerous credits:

  • Over 700 workshops, keynotes, and performances.
  • Books and training videos
  • Featured on NPR’s This American Life
  • Speaker at the International TED MED Conference.


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