Discover the joy of singing in a dementia choir

Looking for a dementia choir near you?

Dementia friendly choirs and choruses are popping up all across America!

The dementia friendly choirs and choruses listed below are created for people living with Alzheimer’s, other dementias, undiagnosed memory loss.

We invite you to experience the fun of singing, the joy of laughter, and the power of music.

If you are looking for a dementia friendly activity that is fun and joy-filled, try singing! Music is a connector.  Join a chorus and bond with others over the songs we love.

You don’t have to be a great singer to reap the social and health benefits of singing. These dementia choirs are all non-audition community choruses, specifically for people living with Alzheimer’s, other dementias, and undiagnosed memory loss.

In each of these choruses, you’ll find a welcoming community geared for everyone’s active and successful participation.

It’s more than a sing-a-long. These choruses are about learning the music and singing in a concert for friends and family. Come, rediscover possibility. It’ll be the best day of the week!

You have friends on your Alzheimer’s journey. This is why we sing.

New Giving Voice style dementia choirs are forming all the time. If know of a dementia friendly choir or chorus that belongs on this list, please let us know!

Our chorus friends, Stand in the Light Memory Choir, Eau Claire, WI and Grace Notes Community Choir in San Antonio, TX

Dementia choirs and choruses in the United States


Heart to Heart Choir  Dothan, AL

EnChorus  Birmingham, AL

Side by Side Chorus  Montgomery, AL


Voices of the Last Frontier  Anchorage, AK


Shine Your Ligh Phoenix, AZ

Sing for Life  Scottsdale, AZ


Music Mends Minds   Los Angeles, CA

District of Columbia

Sentimental Journey Singers  Washington, DC


Intermezzo Choir  Lee County, FL You’ll find active participation, the friendly atmosphere and life-enriching engagement at this dementia friendly chorus.

Where are my Keys  Sarasota, FL


Good Memories Choir  Chicago, IL, this choir is an upbeat community where people with early-stage memory loss and their care partners sing together, enjoying familiar music that they love.

Memory Singers: Voices of the Heart   Chicago, IL


Melodies: Together in Harmony  West Des Moines, IA


Sing for Joy  Bloomington, IN

SongShape Chorus  Indianapolis, IN


All Prime Timers Choir  Silver Spring, MD


Amazing Grace  St. Paul, MN this dementia friendly choir highlights the robust, rich, and deeply-rooted traditions of Black people and the connection to the elders and olders of our community.

Building Bridges Chorus  Granite Falls, MN, this choir celebrates the potential within for people living with dementia and their care-partners.

Resounding Voices  Rochester, MN, Through music and fellowship, we support a dementia friendly choir community.

Giving Voice Choruses  Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Singing Hills Chorus  Mankato, MN, at this chorus the number one goal for chorus members is that they experience joy.”

Victory Chorus  Duluth, MN Sing for joy! See this dementia friendly singing program in action.

Voices of Impact  Anoka County, MN

New York

One Heart, One Voice  Poughkeepsie, NY

North Dakota

The Unforgettables  Grand Forks, ND


Silver Songbirds Chorus  Medina, OH


Sing for the Moment Choir  Mechanicsburg, PA


Hearts Sing Chorus  Knoxville, TN, A choral experience connecting people and music for joyful purpose  Join us to SING from the heart!


Love Notes Chorus, Austin, TX, catch a sneak peek of Love Notes performing Blue Skies here

Musical Memory Singers  Arlington, TX

Together in Song  Houston, TX

Grace Notes Community Choir  San Antonio, T, a free and fun inter-generational chorale opportunity for people living with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders plus their care partners.


Forgetful Friends Chorus  Manassas, VA

Joyful Voices  Richmond, VA, see how Joyful Voices sings together to Stimulate the Mind, Energize the Body, and Elevate the Spirit, Defying dementia, one song at a time!


Stand in the Light Memory Choir  Eau Claire, WI, learn more about how this choir uses “the power of music to move people and their care-partners to rediscover themselves, make friends, laugh together, learn together, and contribute to the community.”

Coulee Region Giving Hearts Choir  LaCrosse, WI

On a Positive Note Chorus  Neenah, WI