About Giving Voice

Why music and singing for people living with Alzheimer’s?

At Giving Voice, we believe in the power of music to help people with Alzheimer’s live better lives. When we sing, we are actively making music. We are active participants in the music experience. Making music has numerous health benefits that directly impact wellbeing. Music can be uplifting, calming, and improve mood. Music can stimulate cognition and mental alertness. Singing requires sustained breathing that is actually aerobic, heart healthy, and can improve posture.

Through singing together, as a chorus, we can build community and develop friendships, reducing the social isolation that can occur with a diagnosis.

Why do we sing?

Because it’s fun!

For people living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, Giving Voice Chorus is an opportunity to just be yourself. It’s an opportunity to share an experience with a care partner that is rooted in the joy of music, where every voice matters and it doesn’t matter where you are in the disease.

Because we know the impact that singing together has on people with Alzheimer’s, their care partners, their families, and our community, our dream is to see a Giving Voice style chorus in every community across the globe.

In addition, to running our own choruses here in the Twin Cities and online, we support choruses all over the United States and internationally by providing our toolkit to launch a new chorus and ongoing educational opportunities. We hope to see everyone living with Alzheimer’s Disease have the opportunity to experience the joy, laughter, and friendship of singing in a chorus.

Our Mission

Giving Voice Initiative inspires and equips organizations to bring together people with Alzheimer’s and their care partners to sing in choruses that foster joy, well-being, purpose, and community understanding.

Our Vision

Giving Voice Initiative will lead a worldwide movement that helps people with Alzheimer’s and their care partners live better lives and benefit their communities through singing together.

2021 Impact Report

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Financial Information

Giving Voice Initiative is committed to integrity and transparency with every dollar.

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Giving Voice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Giving Voice Approach

Giving Voice creates a unique opportunity for people with Alzheimer’s to connect, grow, challenge stereotypes, and significantly improve wellbeing and quality of life. As Giving Voice continues to be a catalyst for changing the stigma of Alzheimer’s disease, we have also contributed to emerging dementia and music studies.

Rehearsals are led by a specially trained choir conductor. There are no auditions. We believe that anyone can sing and that singing is for everyone.

Together, we strive to be an artistically vibrant community.

And, although we are a chorus intended for people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, we do not actually require a diagnosis. When singers register, we follow up to welcome any new singers and to see if there are any accommodations that can be made in order to ensure the best possible experience. Our chorus is dementia-friendly or dementia inclusive so we all are on a level playing field. We use the same nametags, we use the same binders, and we follow the same session outline.

Every session ends with a public performance. Although we sing for fun, the goal-directed challenge of a concert gives us something to strive for and adds meaning to the rehearsals.

We have found that our concerts are transformative. The concerts are an opportunity for our chorus members to share their Giving Voice experience with family and friends. It’s at the concerts that we are able to show that people living with dementia can learn new music, can achieve new goals, can make new friends, and experience the joy of community.

The Singer Experience

  • No singing experience required
  • Music director understands singers’ potential
  • Comfortable rehearsal spaces with excellent acoustics
  • Variety of music, familiar and challenging, adapted as needed
  • Personalized music books and practice CDs
  • Weekly rehearsals and a public performance
  • Social time for singers and volunteers
  • Dementia-aware volunteers available to assist

Ready to share the power of music for people living with Alzheimer’s in your community?

Our toolkit can get you started. Our toolkit will walk you through determining feasibility, program development, outreach and recruitment, and so much more. Have questions and want to talk to someone who’s been there? We would love to connect. Send us an email to get started.