Twin Cities Choruses - Register for Summer 2022

Sing and Volunteer with us Online or In Person

Giving Voice oversees several choruses, which will be held virtually over zoom or in person through our partnerships in Minneapolis, St, Paul, and Edina.

Chorus members include people with dementia, their care partners, and volunteers. We welcome any person who is living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia who can attend the structured weekly rehearsals and, most importantly, wants to make good music and good friends!

There are no auditions, and no musical training or experience is necessary!

The summer session is 6 rehearsals (with allowances in the schedule for holidays). The registration fee is $25 per person for our in-person choruses or $25 per screen for our virtual session (summer rates). Come join the fun!

Questions? Contact (612) 440-9660 or

Volunteer with Us

Volunteers help us deliver a rewarding and inspiring choral experience. You can volunteer as a dementia friend in the chorus or as a helper with day-to-day operations.

Volunteer dementia friend. Our volunteer dementia friends give care partners a break by singing alongside the person with dementia, helping her or him follow the music and lyrics, taking instructional notes and ensuring that all the singers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience during rehearsals and performances. This is a weekly commitment during the day on Monday or Wednesday for a 14-week session. Rehearsals are 2 hours in length.

Operations volunteers. Volunteers with operations experience help us run a well-organized chorus. You can volunteer one time or on an ongoing basis. We need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Rehearsal and concert refreshments
  • Concert box office, ticket takers, and ushers
  • Concert stage crew

Apply to volunteer! Email a Giving Voice staff person at:

Frequently asked questions about volunteering

I may want to volunteer with Giving Voice. How can I find out more about what is involved?

We encourage you to observe a Giving Voice rehearsal. To make arrangements, please contact

I’ve never interacted with people with dementia. Do you provide some sort of training for volunteers?

With the Giving Voice choruses hosted in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we do provide periodic training on working with people who have dementia. We access experts from various Alzheimer’s organizations to train volunteers on dementia friendly components, especially behavior and communication.


My parent/partner has advanced (late stage) Alzheimer’s. Is the chorus a possibility for him/her?

Giving Voice choruses typically have people in the early to mid- stages of Alzheimer’s who do not live in a care facility. Accommodating the daily and physical needs of a person with late-stage Alzheimer’s isn’t feasible. You may want to check with the care facility about music options available to residents. Music programs such as Music and Memory may be helpful.

My parent/partner lives in a memory care facility. Is the chorus a possibility for him/her?

If the person is able to attend a weekly rehearsal, participation in a Giving Voice chorus may be an option. We recommend that you consult with the chorus director to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Are chorus members asked to leave the chorus when meaningful participation becomes more difficult?

As a chorus member’s disease progresses, it may become apparent that he or she no longer enjoys or is benefitting from the experience, or it may become physically difficult to participate. It has been Giving Voice’s experience that the care partner decides whether or not to continue.