Toolkit: Start a Chorus

The Choral Experience, Creating a Dementia Friendly Community

What Makes the Giving Voice Choral Experience Work?

A chorus for people with Alzheimer’s and their care partners will thrive only when the singers have a great experience. Achieving this requires the right “spirit”, the right facility, a talented music director, songs that connect with the singers, and a little bit of know-how.

The philosophy for our chorus program is rooted in joyful purpose and a sense of belonging.
Every chorus needs a “home,” and aiming for a first-rate facility is best.
With the Giving Voice program, rehearsals provide structure, but also fun.
Performances showcase all the hard work and time contributed by everyone involved in the choral experience.
As with any chorus, repertoire sets the stage for how singers can be successful.
Care partners are integral to the choral experience, both as singers and as companions to the singers with dementia.
Care Partners