We celebrate the full potential of people living with dementia.

Inspiring a community-building movement that connects music, people, and joyful purpose.

Start a Giving Voice Chorus in your community.

Our toolkit provides the know-how.

Giving Voice Initiative inspires and equips choruses that bring joy, well-being, purpose, and community understanding to people with Alzheimer’s and their care partners. Use our toolkit to help you decide whether hosting a chorus is right for your organization and then, get started.

The Giving Voice Experience

  • No singing experience required
  • Music director understands singers’ potential
  • Comfortable rehearsal spaces with excellent acoustics
  • Variety of music, familiar and challenging, adapted as needed
  • Personalized music books and practice CDs
  • Weekly rehearsals and a public performance
  • Social time for singers and volunteers
  • Dementia-aware volunteers to assist

Twin Cities Choruses

Upcoming Events

Come and share the joy of music and memories with family and friends.

Choruses in the Twin Cities rehearse weekly. The Minneapolis chorus meets at MacPhail Center for Music. The St. Paul chorus rehearses at Lyngblomsten Chapel.