Live Well with Dementia through Music

Why the focus on music and dementia?

If you are living with Alzheimer’s or undiagnosed memory loss, and you’re looking for fun activities, come experience the numerous health and social benefits of music and singing in a chorus created for you.

Giving Voice Chorus is more than a dementia friendly activity. It’s a welcoming community.

We work together to learn songs, both familiar and unfamiliar, and end the semester with a public performance for family and friends.

It is possible to live well with Alzheimer’s. Music is a path toward wellbeing.

Why singing? Why choruses?

Why a chorus for people living with Alzheimer’s and their care-partners?

Singing helps to decrease stress and uplift mood. Singing is great for brain health. Dementia friendly choruses set the tone for success!

We are wired for music.

There’s something magical that happens when we share a song. Music is a great connector. Choruses become communities. A place of belonging.

Laughter. Friendship. Joy. And, singing.

It’ll be your favorite day of the week.

If you are looking for an activity with meaning and purpose, come sing with us.

Singing is transformative. Singing in a chorus is community.

Our worldwide movement is empowering people living with Alzheimer’s to change the narrative around living well with dementia.

Our Twin Cities based choruses are replacing the stigma of Alzheimer’s through singing in three-part harmony. Bringing together people living with dementia, care-partners, and volunteers to experience the JOY of music. Our end of the semester concerts are a highlight for our chorus and our audiences.

Not in the Twin Cities? Find a chorus near you by clicking the links below. Or, start a chorus in your area. Check out our toolkit to get started and become a part of the Giving Voice Network. Bring the power of music to your community.

Experience the benefits of singing. Join the chorus!

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