Meaningful, purposeful living does not end with a diagnosis of dementia

quote from the Creative Nursing Journal that states that it's still possible to live a meaningful life after a diagnosis of dementia -Alzheimer's and music topics

Happy New Year!

As we make resolutions and contemplate goals for the coming year, we can’t help but wonder.

What’s the meaning of a new year? What are we looking for as the numbers change to 2023?

What’s the meaning of life? Especially when dementia enters the picture.

Recently, the Creative Nursing Journal published an article about Giving Voice and some of the other choruses in the Giving Voice Network discussing this question further.

“Finding Joy and Purpose Through Singing: Giving Voice to People Living With Dementia”

So, how do we find joy and purpose?

We think it comes down to this quote.

“Having a disease that causes dementia does not dictate the end of meaningful living. When we recognize our own unexplored biases, we open new doors of possibility.

Meaningful, purposeful living does not end with a diagnosis of dementia.

That’s what Giving Voice is all about. Connection. Purpose. Joy.

So, what’s YOUR idea of a meaningful life? We’d love to hear from you!

For us, it’s friendship, laughter, and joy. We think that’s possible through the transformative power of music.

It’s why we sing.

Speaking of singing!

Interested in singing with us or know someone who would like to join the Giving Voice Chorus OR a chorus like ours?

Registration for Spring 2023 has started!

If you’re local to the Twin Cities, we’ve got choruses in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina.

If you’re looking for other options, give us a shout!

We’d love to connect you with one of the many Giving Voice style choruses across the country.

Or, join our virtual chorus, where you can zoom in from anywhere.

We’ve got options and a binder with your name on it!


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