Meaningful living after a dementia diagnosis

Graphis- Finding purpose while living with a dementia diagnosis through singing and music


Everyone needs a sense of purpose.


A dementia diagnosis doesn’t change that.

It is still possible to have a purpose driven life after a dementia diagnosis.

That’s what we love about singing together, as a chorus. People living with dementia, care partners, and volunteers all work together to learn new music and perform for family and friends. 

Whether we are living with Alzheimer’s or not. We all need to know that we matter. We all need to feel like we are working towards something. 

A common goal. A shared purpose. And you know what? A lot of the time, it’s the people without dementia that are new to music and need to lean on the stronger voices.

Music levels the playing field. 

It’s often the care partners in our chorus who are hesitant to sing, to lift their voices. And it’s the people living with dementia that are willing to go for it. It’s the people living with dementia who are living in the moment and ready to sing. To be heard. 

And the only way to get better at singing? You guessed it! Singing. 

As one of our chorus members likes to remind us, “we’re not a bunch of soloists.” We can’t do it on our own. The chorus only works if we all show up. 

When music enters the picture and singing in the community begins, hope and a renewed sense of purpose emerge.” 

We all need opportunities for connection and belonging. We all need to know that it matters when we show up. That people know our name and the sound of our voice. 

We are all looking for friendship, laughter, and joy. 

This is why we sing. Together. 

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