Elva Roy

We are in the process of forming a chorus in Arlington, Texas. We have a venue (stand-alone building owned by the Pantego Lion’s Club), a Director, and a pianist, and hope to start rehearsals in September. We have volunteers from the University of Texas at Arlington standing by to help, as well as the Ambassadors For Aging Well.org (community group that I lead) and others. We are forming a Board and have experienced musicians volunteering who know where/how to acquire music w/o violating copyright, etc. Everyone is very excited and we are grateful to the Giving Voice Chorus for generously sharing all that you have learned. BTW, I heard about you from Judy van Norman in Houston who is further down the road with that chorus. Hers is called “Together in Song” and we are calling the one in Arlington “Musical Memory Singers.” Arlington is midway between Dallas and Fort Worth (15 minute drive from either city) and we hope to draw singers from nearby cities.